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Magnetic Skate Rail

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Magnetic Skate Rails

Storch Magnetic Skate Rails (MSR series) are engineered for added support of suspended wide sheet steel between and outside of Storch Magnetic Gearbelt Conveyors.  Magnetic Skate Rails can prevent bowing or sagging of wide sheets in press-feeding, stacking and destacking applications.  Magnetic Skate Rails can also be used in stand-alone applications where sheet grabbers [grips], vacuum cups or other means are used to mobilize the sheet.



  • Adjustable magnetic strength
  • Non-marring rollers
  • Low friction transfer of suspended ferrous sheets


  • Maintain Class A product surface finish
  • Reduce initial costs by using fewer conveyors
  • No belts to wear or replace
  • Reduce labor expenses



Typical Magnetic Skate Rail Applications: Press-feeding, destacking, stacking, sheet transfer, sheet suspension

Electromagnetic Skate Rails, Rare Earth Neodymium Permanent Magnets, Precision Ball bearings


Magnetic Destacking System with Magnetic Skate Rails

Destacking System with Magnetic Skate Rails



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