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“I run a cnc mill department in cast iron production. I have worked closely with storch magnetic for several years now and have 20 storch custom magnetic conveyors to date and custom coolant tanks we are working on now to go with them. We have gone from cleaning the sludge out of our tanks twice a week to once every two or three months. Tool life, speed and stability has been radically improved, without the need for expensive filtration systems. The quality of work and pricing has been better than any other conveyor manufacturer we have done business with. I cannot stress enough how much more profitable we are because of storch’s help improving our machines.”

J. Allen

“Excellent service and a great product.”

B. Hill

“Before the Storch Separator was installed the other brand was not removing the machined stainless fines and with the Rare Earth High Energy Magnet Drum Roller from Storch we’re now separating this difficult contaminate and our part quality improved immediately and Filtration costs have been reduced!”

Lowell (Mfg Engineer) – Cutlery Tools Knife Mfg – Indiana

“With the Storch Conveyors we’ve significantly extending Coolant Life by 250% +, improved safety, tool life and eliminated conveyor jams from conventional mechanical conveyors!”

Dennis (Production Mgr.) – CNC Production Parts Mfg for Transportation Industries – Midwest.

“I personally have worked with Storch over 50-years & they’re the best bunch of people to work with, When & IF there is a problem they are eager to make it right!”

Steve/Owner – Machine Tool Die Cutting Mfg – MI

“Incorporated in late 1940’s we had used other Conveyor vendors & in mid 90’s started sourcing Storch Chip Conveyors due to Fantastic Product, Competitive Pricing, No Service Problems & very responsive to our customer needs.”

Matt / President – Global Machine Tool Builder Co – North America

“Magnetic Equipment received in early 2005 is working very good and no problems whatsoever – If any of our team had a problem You would hear about it for sure!”

Ken – Mining Co – TX

“I really appreciate everything You guys have done so far, everything great with customer service & pricing.”

Michael – Mfg. & Industrial Commercial Products Distributor. – Midwest

“Customer Service has an answer for everything! They/Storch are very experienced & Helpful!”

Mike –  ISO/TS16949 Precision Parts Stamping Mfg.- North America

“Experience with Storch service/products has been great! I’ll take a look at the other products and see if they couldn’t be useful in some of our other applications in the future!”

Steve (Project Mgr.) – Global Production Equipment Line Mfg to: Aerospace, Defense, Rail, Wind, Auto, & Heavy Industries.

“I have No complaints regarding Storch Magnetics, Iv’e always had the greatest service and very good delivery times!”

Martin – Global Mfg Supplier of Health Care & Hygiene products, & Processing Parts & Tools to Textile & Food Industries.

“Everything is Great – the service I receive has always been good!”

Julie (Purchasing & Logistics Analyst) – Manufacturer Automation & Assembly Systems.

“Magnetic Road Sweeper Equipment received by Storch in 2002 works well and pulls/picks all kinds of metal scrap & debris. Unit still working great and doing it’s job!”

Bill & Larry – A County Road Commission – KS