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Magnetic Test Lab

When you buy your magnets you expect their strength, stability, and holding force to be exactly what is stated by the manufacturer.

How do you know the specifications are accurate? How can you get your magnets validated?

Storch Magnetics offers magnet validation and quality assurance. With our testing equipment we verify with extremely high accuracy the strength, reach, and holding force assuring your magnet will perform as it is supposed to. Our Magnetic Test Lab is clean, ventilated, and temperature controlled with computer controlled measurements for accurate results.


We offer quality assurance for:

Material properties – The quality of the magnetic material.

Holding force – The strength of the magnet.

Reach – The strength of a magnet at a distance.

Magnetic stability – The energy it takes to magnetize or demagnetize a magnet.


Magnets can be magnetized and demagnetized by external forces, therefore it is important to know that a magnet will maintain its magnetism. We provide the ability to measure the energy needed to transfer magnetism to and from the magnet. This accurately supplies data on the stability of the magnet and either validates or disproves the specifications set forth by the manufacturer.


We are happy to test any magnets that you already have, magnets you are thinking of purchasing, or magnets that you are ready to buy. We specialize in testing for high volumes of magnets that need high quality validation. We can work on contract or as a service with our products. Our design and fabrication teams are highly skilled at creating custom fixtures for testing your specific magnets. We offer quick turn around and a dependability second to none.