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Tube Magnets – Ceramic, Rare Earth & Alnico

Rare Earth, Ceramic, Alnico Magnetic Tubes quotebuttonseparators
1″ dia. Magnetic Tubes with std 1/4-20 tapped endplugs


  • Strongest standard in the industry
  • Various lengths and endplugs
  • Rare Earth, Ceramic or Alnico
  • Seam welded liquid tight construction             


  • Easy Installation
  • Tubes made in-house (USA)
    for quick availability

Storch Magnetics has one of the largest inventories of magnetic materials in the country used for the manufacturing of 1″ dia. Magnetic Tubes ranging in lengths from 4″ to 60″. In addition to our Standard Rare Earth Neodymium Grade 50 MGOe, Storch also Stocks a High Temp Rare Earth, Permanent Ceramic 8, Samarium Cobalt, and Alnico that can withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees F.


Magnetic Tubes are intended for use in free flowing powder bulk solids or liquids where small unwanted ferrous particulates are present.  Tube Magnets are able to capture larger objects such as nuts and bolts, larger items may damage the working surface of the tubes.  For collecting tramp metal beyond 3/16″ dia consult the factory.

Storch’s High Energy Rare Earth Magnetic Tubes are known as “Finishing Magnets”. Storch’s tubes should be used as your finial defense prior to packaging or for filtration of liquids. Our Magnets are optimally designed to collect the unwanted ferrous metals and hang on to them until they are pulled out and way from the product area. The tubes can be manually cleaned by simply wiping them with a damp cloth.

FREE PRODUCT TESTING is available at our factory. Once notified samples of your product can be submitted along with an MSDS sheet for testing. Storch will capture a control sample along with a “Cleaned” sample that can be sent back for your review.

All magnets are only as effective as they are cleaned. A dirty or fully loaded magnet will not be effective, for that reason Storch offers a wide assortment of self-cleaning products that can assist your efforts in making certain your magnets are consistently performing at their peak. Pull Test Kits are available to check the regular performance of your all of your magnetic equipment.
For more technical information Call 734 -591-2200.


Standard 1″ diameter Magnetic Tubes

Ceramic – Std (460°F)

Rare Earth Neo – High Energy (176°F)

Alnico – Max Temp (960°F)

Length (inches)

TMC-04 TMN-04 TMA-04 4
TMC-06 TMN-06 TMA-06 6
TMC-08 TMN-08 TMA-08 8
TMC-10 TMN-10 TMA-10 10
TMC-12 TMN-12 TMA-12 12
TMC-14 TMN-14 TMA-14 14
TMC-16 TMN-16 TMA-16 16
TMC-18 TMN-18 TMA-18 18
TMC-20 TMN-20 TMA-20 20
TMC-22 TMN-22 TMA-22 22
TMC-24 TMN-24 TMA-24 24
TMC-26 TMN-26 TMA-26 26
TMC-28 TMN-28 TMA-28 28
TMC-30 TMN-30 TMA-30 30
TMC-32 TMN-32 TMA-32 32
TMC-34 TMN-34 TMA-34 34
TMC-36 TMN-36 TMA-36 36
TMC-38 TMN-38 TMA-38 38
TMC-40 TMN-40 TMA-40 40
TMC-42 TMN-42 TMA-42 42
TMC-44 TMN-44 TMA-44 44
TMC-46 TMN-46 TMA-46 46
TMC-48 TMN-48 TMA-48 48
TMC-50 TMN-50 TMA-50 50
TMC-52 TMN-52 TMA-52 52
TMC-54 TMN-54 TMA-54 54
TMC-56 TMN-56 TMA-56 56
TMC-58 TMN-58 TMA-58 58
TMC-60 TMN-60 TMA-60 60

Notes: Liquid Tight Fully Welded Ends – Standard on all Tubes

          Stainless Steel Endplugs w/blind 1/4-20 Tapped Ends

          Bright Satin Finish – Standard

Options:  316L Stainless Steel Construction

              Synergistic Coating

              Special Tube Diameters Upon Request

              Special Endplugs Upon Request



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