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Air Quake Pneumatic Shaker/Transporter

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Air Quake Pneumatic Shaker/Transporter

Storch’s Air Quake Shaker/Transporter models are pneumatically powerered.  They are ideal for conveying small parts and scrap.  Air Quake Shaker/Transporter Conveyors are designed around a high quality, low maintenance, low air volume module that can support single or multiple trays as required.  Application weight requirements determine size of the Air Quake vibratory conveyor feeder module used.



  • Operates with minimal noise, lowest volume of compressed air on the market
  • Unique air valve design of Air Quake vibratory part feeder module delivers smooth, efficient operarting action
  • Multi-tray cabability using only one Air Quake vibratory feeder module


  • Easy tray change-out supports quick die changes
  • Eliminates costly belt repairs

Typical Applications: Metal Stamping Scrap Removal, Metal Stamping Part Transfer, Part Sorting or Screening



Part Number Air Pressure (psi) Capacity (lb) Air Use (cfm) Noise (db) Max Stroke (“) Max Tray Weight (lb) Strokes per Min (spm) Unit Wt (lb)
AQ-007-P 64-78 25 0.42 68 0.95 6.40 120 2.5
AQ-015-P 64-78 100 1.60 68 1.02 13.0 110 6.5
AQ-045-P 64-78 225 4.60 69 1.06 44.0 100 18.2



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