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Magnetic Sweepers

Make a Clean Sweep of dangerous metal hazards with Storch Magnetics diverse line of magnetic sweepers! Our sweepers can be designed to meet all your needs, whether they are simple clean ups around a work areas, machines, or maintaining large areas including exterior grounds, work sites, streets, schools, runways and more. Storch Magnetics provides quality sweepers for light to heavy duty jobs:

  • Heavy Duty – Sweep Ease
  • Light Duty – Roll-A-Mag Plus (2 in 1 tool)
  • Light Duty – Roll-A-Mag

Storch Magnetic Sweepers use the best magnetic materials and components, meeting or exceeding IMA/MMPA standards.

Sweep-Ease Magnetic Sweeper

The Storch Sweep-Ease Magnetic sweepers provide a high strength rugged magnetic assembly in a severe duty pan housing for the greatest durability in heavy use Industrial and Commercial applications.

The newly re-designed Model 1603 Magnetic Sweeper is best for fast, easy cleaning of floors and aisles. It features an ergonomic handle-mounted release lever for quick, easy cleaning of the sweeper and release of debris wherever needed.

Sweeper Part No. Sweep Width
Overall Width
170_swe1603 170_swe1603c
S003-1603-18 18″ 25″
S003-1603-24 24″ 31″
S003-1603-36 36″ 43″

We dare you to compare the VALUE of this sweeper with other models on the market!  Storch’s sweeper has the most ergonomic handle mounted release available in the industry and provides quick and easy release of large amounts of metal hazards.

Roll-A-Mag Plus Magnetic Sweeper

Storch Roll-A-Mag Plus is a 2 in 1 magnet tool, which includes a magnetic sweeper function and a magnetic retrieval tool in one product. Roll-A-Mag Plus features the same advantages as the Roll-A-Mag. The Magnet tube wand will remove metal debris easily and release into a container without you having to touch metal hazards. In addition the Magnet tube wand may be removed and used as a retrieval tool for separating parts from finishing systems, removing ferrous chips from cutting fluids, and even as a retrieving tool for tight spaces.

Sweeper Part No. Sweep Width
Overall Width
170_ram1602-1.gif 170_ram1602-2.gif
S002-1602-12 12″ 13.5″
S002-1602-16 16″ 17.5″
S002-1602-24 24″ 25.5″

Roll-A-Mag Magnetic Sweeper

The Storch Roll-A-Mag Magnetic Sweeper Broom is well suited for hard to reach places and in tight quarters. The Roll-A-Mag easily reaches under machinery and is perfect for removing steel chips, shavings, small nails, fasteners, parts and scrap.

Sweeper Part No. Sweep Width
Overall Width
170_ram1600-1.gif 170_ram1600-2.gif
S001-1600-12 12″ 13.5″
S001-1600-16 16″ 17.5″
S001-1600-21 21″ 22.5″



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