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Machining & Grinding Industry Equipment

Storch has engineered and manufactured a complete line of material handling equipment for the Machining & Grinding Industry since 1952.  For over 58 years our product offering has evolved into a full line of products, both Magnetic and Non-Magnetic, making Storch a true one stop shop.  Storch’s full line of material handling & magnetic products uniquely allows our technical sales staff to suggest and engineer un-biased solutions for your specific application.2011-02-10_170451


image003The (5) series of Storch Magnetic Slide Conveyors are designed with all moving parts completely enclosed so there’s nothing to jam, become contaminated or wear. No external moving parts means these conveyors are safe for personnel. Magnetic slide conveyors from Storch can be configured with perforated side guides, auxiliary collection tanks and vertical rises to efficiently and economically convey parts or scrap from oils and coolant. This results in simpler coolant reclamation with less wear and tear on filtering equipment and machinery. Plus, dryer chips means more value and less danger to the environment. Ask your factory representative about Storch turn key coolant cleaning filtration systems. 


Storch offers complimenting hinged steel belt conveyors.  Storch Steel Hinge Belt conveyors (SHBC Series) are designed with 1-1/2″, 2-1/2″ pitch, top quality steel hinge belting.  Varying belt sizes are required for different conveyor applications and environments.  The Storch SBC is designed and built to outlast our competition by utilizing oversized belting, rollers and frame.  Call to schedule an in plant demonstration to see the difference first hand. 4”,6” and 9” pitch is also available upon request. image004




Storch offers a complete line of Drag Conveyors. Designed for handling a wide range of chips, fines, and swarf produced from grinding and machining operations. The Storch Drag Conveyor has been engineered with a heavy duty bolt in track system to accommodate the two 2062 Solid Pin chains. Cleats are made from steel angle iron and are less likely to wear compared to UHMW used by our competitors. Welded leak tight frames are one piece construction. Made to order, Storch conveyors are built to meet all of your dimensional requirements. Similar to other conveyors from Storch, our in house Cad design, CNC Laser, and NC bending technologies allows Storch to efficiently design and build exactly what you need for the same cost of a modular bolt together model. Using this CNC approach, Storch can recreate replacement parts on short



Keep Cutting Coolants Clean with Storch Self-Cleaning Magnetic Chip Coolant Separators (MCCS Series) while Reducing Costs from unnecessary paper filter media. Storch’s MCCS removes ferrous and non-ferrous particles easily and efficiently. The coolant is directed into a powerful wet industrial magnetic drum separator, which attracts the ferrous particles onto the drum magnet face, the resulting cake also traps the non-ferrous contaminants when operating in index mode. Capacities range from as low as 10 GPM to 80 GPM. Storch also offers other gravity fed self cleaning models with up to 3200 GPM capacity for a single unit.




image007 Sub-micron filtration efficiency. If the particle is magnetic, the Micromag™ will remove it, even down to a size of less than 1 micron. No loss of fluid due to changing oil sodden cartridges. No pressure drop, even when fully loaded with contamination, thanks to the patent-pending magnetic circuit design. No moving parts and no maintenance required. Operator is only required to remove contamination once it is full. No consumables required, ever! Reduced environmental impact. Contamination is removed as recyclables semi-dry metallic material – no need to dispose of dirty cartridges. Abrasives and non-magnetic contamination also removed by means of hetero-coagulation. Reduced downtime, increased productivity. Visual inspection of fluid being filtered.  Capacities of 18,26, and 39 GPM are in stock and available today!



Permanent Magnetic Chucks (PMC Series) are designed for work holding in machining. These new state of the art permanent magnetic die holders are failsafe, meaning that electric power is only used to turn them off, saving you money on electricity during operation. Easy push button operation will release tools. Rated at 150 ton / m² of magnetic holding, generating huge holding forces on even modest-sized dies. Lots of different sizes and configurations available. Square pole configuration means clamping is equally high in every direction.  Contact the Storch Factory for more information.  image008




Make a Clean Sweep of dangerous metal hazards with Storch Magnetics diverse line of magnetic sweepers! Storch has more standard models and sizes offered than any other competitor in the industry! Our sweepers can also be designed to meet all your specific needs, whether they are simple clean ups around work areas, machines, or maintaining large areas including exterior grounds, work sites, streets, schools, runways and many more.



Storch is an original manufacturer of standard and custom engineered magnetic lifts. We provide a complete line of dependable, economical magnets in a variety of shapes and sizes produced to meet your Magnet specifications. Many standard sizes and configurations are offered and custom sizes are available upon request.  image010




In addition to Magnetics, Storch offers CNC Laser Cutting, Forming & Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication services. We manufacture fabricated products & equipment to customer supplied drawings, and provide light R&D, Engineering, and Application Assistance in designing and manufacturing Sheet Metal Prototype, Standard Metal Work or Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications to suit.

At STORCH we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and standing behind our products.  Today our complete product offering, sales and support has earned us “Preferred Vendor” status among our customers.  Storch’s long-term customers see the Storch advantage – superior Quality, longevity and reduced down time for maintenance through excellence in design and US manufacturing.