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   Drawer Magnets – Quick Clean                    Storch Metal Separation

Drawer Magnets – Quick Clean



Drawer Magnets – Quick Clean



Magnet Grates

mgspgratAll Storch Grate Magnets, Magnetic Drawers, Housings feature: Storch Tube Magnet cartridges featuring High powered Magnetic Circuitry multiplying and balancing magnetic reach out and holding advantages exceeding standard magnetic bar & magnet slug properties.

Grate Magnet Features:

  • Storch Tube Magnets on 2″ centers in rugged grid assembly
  • Ceramic 8, Rare Earth, or Alnico, meets/exceeds IMA Standards
  • Single or Double Row Magnet Grates
  • Min. 1/8″ Durable Protective Stainless Steel Stringers/Frames
  • Configured to suit from 4″ round, square, rectangular up to 60″
  • Standard wipe/blow off cleaning
  • Optional easy clean or automated pneumatic clean models to suit.

Remove tramp and fine particles from all types of dry processing lines with Storch Magnetic Grates. These grates entrap and separate ferrous particles, preventing damage to machinery, contamination of product, and excess repair and maintenance. Powerful permanent tube magnet cartridges are encased in stainless steel frames and can be installed in steep, sloped, or irregular shaped hoppers, floor dump openings, closed vertical or horizontal chutes, and flow ducts.

maggrateMagnet Housings with Double, Triple & Four Row Drawer Grates

Magnetic Housing Features:

  • Storch Tube Magnets and Grate Magnets
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy wipe/blow off clean magnet
  • Optional easy clean no magnet contact
  • Optional automated pneumatic clean to suit
  • Optional Lexan see through drawer front
  • Optional Inlet dump tube, liquid port, purge spout.

Protect machinery from ferrous fragments and reduce operating costs by trapping contaminant in Storch’s high product flow In-Line Magnetic Housings. Located over orifices, in spout systems, or below hoppers, the process material is filtered through a chamber where the undesirable contaminant is trapped by the rows of magnetic cartridges.


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