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Drag-Flight Conveyors

Storch Magnetics manufactures durable drag-flight conveyors.  Storch Drag-Flight conveyors are designed and manufactured with top quality materials and expertise.  Varying sizes and options are available as required for different conveyor applications and environments.

Drag-Flight Conveyors effectively convey wet or dry ferrous and aluminum machining chips.  Drag-Flight Conveyors can be configured with or without integrated separation or filtration systems and are engineered to a particular application for a machine’s size and chip/scrap removal rates. Cleats scrape the bottom of the conveyor frame-pan elevating the debris up to a discharge point.  Ideal installations include: Single Station, Central or In-Floor Systems and OEM integration.

Your specific application and environment conditions will determine the overall features and options required to simplify your application, maintain safety and provide the maximum efficiency & uptime available in the machining industry.


  • All conveyors engineered to meet your specifications
  • Heavy duty drive train with integrated gear motors and slip-clutch overload protection
  • Precision CNC Laser-cut & formed body and tracking
  • Heavy Duty oversized roller side-chain
  • Simple, external chain tension adjustment take-ups
  • Removable cover plates provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance


  • Convey ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Replaceable tracking extends conveyor life
  • Increase Productivity, Uptime & Profitability
  • Increase chip and scrap value and reduce coolant loss

Typical Applications: CNC Machining, Grinding & Lapping, CNC Turning, Vertical & Horizontal Milling, Light-Medium Gauge & Central Scrap Collection


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