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Chip Coolant Separators

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Magnetic Chip Coolant Separator



  • High Energy Rare Earth Magnetic Drum Separator provides 5 ½ times Strength over
  • standard ferrite ceramic drums available.
  • 100% More Magnetic Gauss at furthest coolant flow under precision formed weir.
  • 98% Separation Efficiency down to 10-20 Micron.
  • Most Dependable Non-Disposable maintenance free Magnetic Pre-Filter Available.
  • Hi-Intensity rugged Industrial Magnetic Drum built to Outperform & Outlast!
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Keep gravity liquid flows, coolants, wash systems and more….CLEAN – with Storch Hi-Energy Rare Earth Self-Cleaning Magnetic Chip  Coolant Separators (CCS – Series) or Specials Built-to-Suit your unique or larger central applications.  Storch CCS-Series nearly eliminates costs of paper filter media, labor to change/clean filters, tanks and fluid lines.   Your Liquid or Coolant is directed into  the powerful permanent rare earth industrial magnetic rotating drum face, resulting in a magnetic  cake screen of ferrous, and trapped non-ferrous when operated in optional Index mode.



Standard Capacities Range from 10 GPM to 135 GPM and Storch has manufactured unique and custom sizes to handle up to 4,000 GPM.  Reference back for standard sizes & call for specials.


Chip Coolant Separators (CCS)

  • Eliminate/Reduce up
  • to 98% of Filter Media
  • expenses.
  • Multiply life of Coolant.
  • ØImprove Part Tolerances
  • Increase Tooling Life
  • Protect Pumps and
  • Nozzles
  • Cut Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Downtime.
  • Improve Profits!
  • Engineered to Outlast
  • Outperform, & provide the BEST VALUE!



    • Conveyors
    • Tanks
    • Pumps & Valves

Surge Break Tanks

  • Side Drives
  • Double Reduction
  • Motor Brand Preference
  • Indexing Controls



Secondary Finish Filters

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Keep Cutting Coolants Clean with Storch Self-Cleaning Magnetic Chip Coolant Separators while Reducing CostsRemove ferrous and non-ferrous particles easily and efficiently. The coolant is directed into a powerful wet industrial magnetic drum separator, which attracts the ferrous particles onto the drum magnet face, the resulting cake also traps the non-ferrous contaminants when operating in index mode.

  • Self cleaning magnet
  • Permanent Magnet Hi-intensity flat faced exposed polarity drum, provides most effective separation.
  • No paper products or filter elements to buy or dispose of, eliminating media costs
  • Magnetic filter cleans coolant, providing longer life and lower costs
  • Extends life of tooling and machinery
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Index mode rotates every 4 hours or on rise in liquid level for removal of cake, prevents drying and hardening of cake to drum—with indexing controller.
  • Standard unit operates in continuous mode


mgspdia3 mgspcoo2


Continuous Rotating Magnetic Drum

Indexing Magnetic Drum

  • For ferrous particle removal only
  • Less costly than indexing
  • Removes both ferrous and non-ferrous


Dimension ‘A’ inches
Flow Rate Capacity(GPM)
Water Soluable Mineral oil(100 ssu)
Indexing Continuous Indexing Continuous
6 15 23 9 14
12 30 45 18 27
18 45 68 27 41
24 60 90 36 54
30 75 113 45 68
36 90 135 54 81

Chip Coolant Separator Filters

Chip Coolant separators are specifically designed* to integrate with chip-producing machine tools and grinding machines, or as part of a central coolant system.

Coolant Separators Provide:

  • Improved coolant filtration
  • Improved part quality
  • Extended life of pump and filtration parts
  • Coolant recycling cleaner coolants
  • Reduced costs
  • Industrial Automation



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