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 Blueprint Holders                                            Storch Magnetics 

Magnetic Blueprint Holders & Mounting Rails

Magnetic Blueprint Holders

Magnetic Blueprint Holders


  • Simpler and more versatile to use than pushpins
  • Many Sizes and Configurations


  • Expertise in applying over 100 million magnets 

Storch Magnetic Blueprint Holders are a valuable tool for keeping materials such as charts, blueprints and thin plastic or cloth sheets professionally displayed, organized and safely put away.

1787 Series – Rectangular, steel covered Magnetic Blueprint Holder w/chrome Knob, 23 lb. holding value
Available in colors – Black, Blue, Orange & Red

T101 Series – Round, chrome finished Magnetic Blueprint Holder w/chrome knob, 35 & 90 lb. holding values

T102 Series – Rectangular, plastic encased Magnetic Blueprint Holder, 12 lb. holding value.
Available in std colors – Black, Blue, Purple & Yellow, Custom colors available for quantity 400 or more

Rectangular Magnetic Blueprint Holder w/Chrome Knob, Model #1787 Chrome Round Magnetic Blueprint Holder w/Chrome Knob, Model #T101 Rectangular Plastic Coated Magnetic Blueprint Holder, Model #T102
Model 1787 Model T101 Model T102


Part Number

A (“)

B (“)

Holding Value (lbs)

















Our Magnetic Holders are inexpensive, strong and decorative, never out of place in the office, factory or shop.  When not in use, merely leave them on the mounting rails to avoid loss.  They never lose their power and are available in three distinctive styles and individual holding capacities up to 90 pounds.

Note: Holding values shown have been tested for direct pull from a 1″ thick ground surface mild steel plate.  When using these magnets on oily, irregular, rough, rusty or painted surfaces or on thin gauge sheet metal, holding values will be lower.  Consult factory for use under these circumstances.

Steel Mounting Rails for Magnetic Blueprint Holders
Model #1037

Made specifically for Storch Magnetic Blueprint Holders, to provide a strong surface holding value, the black-oxided rails are 1/8″ thick x 2″ wide, and in the noted lengths. *Mounting holes are drilled and countersunk for #10-24 flat head screws and are spaced on 16″ centers. Pressure sensitive tape can be used instead of screws for mounting.

Magnetic Blueprint Holder Mounting Rail



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