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Non-Magnetic Belt Conveyors

Storch Magnetics provides unlimited options of durable industrial duty engineered belt conveyors made to order.  With Storch Belt Conveyors you are not limited to modular construction, extrusion, or expensive patented components.

Storch Magnetics can accommodate virtually any belt width and belt types to include: Composite Fabric, Stainless Mesh and others as needed.  Drive options include fixed voltage, variable speed and integral motorized pulleys.


  • Provide transfer of ferrous and non-ferrous components
  • Crowned and lagged pulleys available
  • V-Guided belts available


  • Reduce finished part scrap rates
  • Reduce labor costs by automating parts transfers
  • Increase Productivity, Uptime & Profitability
  • Low noise operation provides safer work environment

Typical Applications: Metal Stamping, Parts Feeding, Parts Removal, Part Inspection
Typical Options:

  • Legs – fixed, adjustable, removable
  • Side guides
  • Infeed Hoppers
  • Rough top belting
  • Cut resistant urethane belting
  • V-Guided belts
  • High friction or cleated belt
  • Proximity sensors & switches
  • Discharge Chutes
  • Feeders
  • Covers
  • Demagnetizers
  • Crowned and lagged pulleys
  • Corrugated belt sides
  • Diverters & Gates

**Contact Storch Magnetics for any options required that are not listed.**

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