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Permanent Magnetic Load Lifters


Permanent Magnetic Load Lifters


Storch permanent magnetic load lifters provide a simple answer to complex problems of lifting dies, steel blocks, flat stock, castings, fixtures, etc. One person may perform machine loading and material handling operations that previously required two or more operators.

Designed for use where larger lifting devices like battery powered magnets or electromagnets are too large, cumbersome, or where hoist headroom is minimal and electricity is not readily available or undesirable for lifting.

Storch Magnet Lifts when properly used are safe, dependable and efficient. The multiple pole permanent magnet lift assembly provides constant magnetic lifting capacity and is ruggedly fabricated and welded into a stainless steel housing to withstand years of industrial magnetic lifting use.

The lifted product is released by means of a manually operated double cam (1,000*-3,000* pound lifts) or singe cam (400* pound lifts) assembly located on one end of the lifter. A screw jack is located on the opposite side in the event the cam is over the edge of product lifted.

*Capacities are based on a 2:1 safety factor. 


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