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 Electromagnet – Battery Operated     Storch Material Handling

Electromagnetic Lifts – Battery Powered


5,000 pound Battery Operated Lift



  • Concentrated holding power
  • Multiple sizes and strengths available


  • Many configurations to fit your application
For Speed, Safety, Convenience, Economy and Efficiency you can’t beat Storch Battery Powered Lifting Magnets! Tell us how we may help!Storch Magnetics offers 8 updated models including 5 models for lifting flat; ratings of 2000 lbs., 3000 lbs., 5000 lbs., and two 11,000 lbs. One for large square stock and the other for long rectangular stock. The other 3 models are Bi-Polar battery powered lifts for round stock, with removable pole shoes to also accommodate flat stock.

Quick, safe, convenient and economical describe just a few of the advantages of Storch lifting magnets. Battery powered lifting magnets are powered by a rechargeable, long life, deep cycle batteries and provide high magnetic holding strength. Each battery powered lifting magnet has a visible battery meter which constantly indicates the charge condition. Battery operated lifts are provided with a 12V charger to plug into a 115 Volt A.C. outlet. Automotive type battery and charger cable. An optional remote control using a heavy duty hand held drum switch with 6 foot cord may be specified.

The operator can maneuver the Storch Battery Powered Lift Magnet onto a load, switch it on and lift, allowing increased handling speed and production. After the load movement operator turns a recessed drum switch control and releases the load. It’s that simple and there are NO power cords or cables to restrict or endanger the operator!

Storch Battery Powered Lift Magnets can be used anywhere – inside or out – because no electricity is needed during operation. Whether the battery powered electromagnetic lift is slung from a hoist, crane, or Hi-Lo, the magnet and its load can be easily maneuvered by a single operator.

* Storch Reserves the right to improve lifting magnet designs without notice.

* Lift Capacities are based on a 2:1 safety factor.

* Please contact Storch for latest available size chart and assistance in proper selection.

liftbat12500 pound battery operated lift slung from a Hilo

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